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Chrome Plating

Polished Chrome Plating

Polished Chrome Plating

Polished Chrome Plating

Bright Nickel Plating

Offering high quality Bright Nickel, Bright Chrome and Satin Chrome finishes we are able to plate components up to 2.2m in length. Base metals we work with are: mild steel, brass, copper, alloys and aluminium.

Serving industries such as:

  • Shop Fittings (Dress Stands Etc)
  • Tubular Furniture (Chairs & Tables)
  • Automotive (Shock Absorbers/Grills)
  • Healthcare (Hospital Furniture)
  • Lighting (Decorative Lights/Switches)

Chrome and Nickel Plating will give not only a beautiful decorative finish, but also offers corrosion resistance with easy cleaning procedures and increases surface hardness and durability.

Zinc Plating

Zinc Line

Zinc & Clear

Zinc & Yellow

Zinc & Black

Having a semi-automated Zinc line and large tanks we are able to plate not only large parts but also volume, depending on your requirements we can offer Zinc & Clear, Zinc & Yellow passivation which are both RoSH compliant and Zinc & Black passivation .

Serving Industries such as:
Automotive, Engineering, Telecoms, Sports Equipment and Sheet Metal Workers / Fabricators.

Zinc Plated goods protect metal from rusting and therefore offers surface durability. It is a popular finish commercially for its effectiveness and affordability.

Other Finishes

We can also offer Metal Polishing, Anodising, Surtec 650, Iridite both RoSH compliant and Alocrom.